A Rhythm in Notion
Small(er) Steps Toward a Much Better World
Blockchain #buidl a better world

A short comparison of web and blockchain development, and the uses of oracles

A quick introduction to Token-Curated Registries, their sources of value and game theory, and where to apply them

In the centralized web, consumers' data has become siloed amongst a handful of powerful players centered in Silicon Valley. In the decentralized web, we split data up amongst many participants. Information, like books, shared on a decentralized network will persist long after a corporation, like Facebook, goes out of business. It will persist as long as participants on the network keep the information alive by sharing it. This is a hopeful thought, because it implies the information will die out only when no one wants it anymore.

Using tokens to govern startup and project creation will open doors for founders and workers.

How can we tell which blockchain and artificial intelligence ideas will work out? Start by asking if the idea is born in the darkness.

Vinay Gupta has a lot of ideas, including a couple about how to do venture capital right

Thinking about how governments help us with infrastructure can provoke new ideas and applications for blockchain technologies.

The blockchain is one of the most exciting software innovations of the decade - a very simple guide to what it's all about.

Even if you bootstrap your way into a genuine scientific education and a minimal lab, can you make a full-time living as an independent researcher?

How to become a 'real scientist' as an indie researcher, and how to practice open science 'from farm to market'